Who We Are

The Trockman Microfinance Initiative (TMI) is a student organization registered through the Kelley School of Business who aims to explore the greater microfinance sector by conducting research and gaining practical experience in the field. The organization is part of Kelley's Institute for Social Impact (KISI), a group of select organizations with the goal of promoting social change through business practices.

What We Do


TMI continually conducts research to build upon our understanding of microfinance practices, specifically during weekly meetings.
TMI sponsors events each semester, ranging from panel discussions to fundraisers.
Off campus, TMI works alongside the Monroe County United Ministries and is establishing a first-ever localized microfinance program.


TMI sponsors educational trips each semester to Midwestern cities, such as Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.
Members can continually grow their professional networks while exploring the practical applications of microfinance practices.
These trips give TMI members a great opportunity to grow relationships with other members while taking part in credible experiences.


 International trips allow members to visit destinations such as Peru and Mexico
while taking part in educational itineraries.
Members can grow their professional networks while researching and taking part
in exclusive microfiance-
based practices.
Members can put their skills to use on consulting projects with companies all over the world. Currently, TMI is consulting for a Thailand based nonprofit. 
NOTE: Travel and in-person meetings will be suspended this semester in order to stay safe. 
Club events will be held virtually.

International trip to Peru
International trip to Peru

Domestic trip to St. Louis
Domestic trip to St. Louis