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at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

Poverty alleviation through business.

At Trockman, we focus on educating ourselves and our community on social impact principles. The main strategy we focus on is microfinance, both in the United States and overseas. From consulting with local non-profits, to traveling, to bringing in speakers, to weekly discussions, we strive to create a diverse perspective of complex social issues. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, interests, and majors. We implement concepts from the Kelley School of Business curriculum directly in the Bloomington community to improve everyone's well-being. We believe that success involves people from all walks of life working together towards a greater mission. 


Learn about microfinance through research,  presentations, and events in order to spread awareness about microfinance in our communities



Get involved in the Bloomington community and beyond by assisting IU Professors on social impact focused research.


Work hands-on with Flying Squirrel Outfitters, a Thailand-based nonprofit, to explore and implement potential sources of sustainable financing.


Gain valuable experiences across the country and world to better understand business as a poverty-alleviation mechanism while forming strong bonds with your club members

NOTE: Travel and in-person meetings will be suspended this semester in order to stay safe. 
Club events will be held virtually.
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